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About Us

Show your true worth with our professional and cost effective accreditation

Welcome to Academy of Training Centres (AoTC), a London, UK-based company that takes pride in the vast network of clients worldwide who seek trusted services and training providers. We are a professional, independent certification approval company that offers the EliteMark™ quality assurance mark to help keep the professional standards of the various working industries at it's best. Our team is made up of fully qualified and experienced teachers, tutors, assessors, IQAs and EQAs with over 50 years of industry experience. 

We exist to provide a professional quality mark, that all our certified members offer only the highest standards of service, as a training provider giving the clients confidence in the EliteMark™ quality status. As a renowned and trusted brand, our reputation serves as a gateway for exceptional services to expand their reach and grow their practice. When clients see that we trust and endorse you, they are more likely to book your services.

Our international quality mark is what sets our certified members and training providers apart from the rest. It is our international seal of approval that signifies the highest standard of service and complete trust in our certified professionals. With the EliteMark™ quality mark next to your name or practice, you open the door to even more clients. However, we don't just hand out our quality mark to anyone. Only the best in the industry will qualify for it.

We offer an uncomplicated, professional and cost effective online application process that is thorough, ensuring only high standards are met. 

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