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What is CPD?

CPD is the measure of Continuous Professional Development. This can be done by hour, point or by unit. Generally, the CPD measurement of an hour is equivalent to a unit or point,

Why is independent CPD important?

CPD shows that you are keeping active and up to date in the industry, and that you are committed to self improvement in your professional life. Rather than being held to a brand, independent CPD shows that a varied approach to learning so that an fully rounded and knowledgeable education platform is observed.

How do you record your CPD?

CPD should be recorded on a log, depending on the activity being taken. This should ideally be recorded on the HR CPD log showing time, and date details. It should also include the type of CPD it is, ie trade show, workshop. course etc. There should be certification to show participation/ attendance for the delegate too. 

What is the process of gaining CPD accreditation?

There are 4 steps to our registration process.

  • Step 1: Complete Online Form

  • Step 2: We will then send you the application for EliteMark CPD approval

  • Step 3: Submit all the requested information. We will then assess your resources and training materials to ensure they meet the CPD framework standards. (Any updates needed will be made during this time)

  • Step 3: CPD approval certification and paperwork issued

What happens if our standards for approval are not achieved?

If the standards are not to our requirements, we will provide detailed feedback to support you to achieve this. Once any amendments have been made, we will reevaluate the activity and issue approval.


What is the difference between being accredited/ approval by you and an awarding body?

The Industry awarding bodies issue qualifications that are regulated by Ofqual. These are required for implementing the RQF (Regulated Qualification Framework).

Accreditation by an independent third party organisation checks the CPD activity and content, as well as the quality of course material and the commitment to providing high quality training. This gives businesses and trainers the ability to conduct their training themselves, but under the accrediting mark that shows the quality of their work is to the highest standards.

Why get CPD accredited when activities already count for CPD?

An approval from EliteMark shows your commitment to professional standards, your customers, delegates and the businesses you interact with. It is a quality mark that can help you elevate your CPD training to be on par with the top quality standards. This can set you apart from competitors by showing your training has been externally validated by an independent organisation.

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