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energy cpd

As we look to the future of industrial, we can see that the boundaries between industries are blurring. They are relevant not only for future energy systems – they show a massive impact on various industries and economies. Emerging cross-industrial trends require the energy industry to collaborate and innovate more with other branches:

These cross-industry trends include:

  1. Sustainability – tightened sustainability requirements not just pose a technological, but also a key financial challenge.

  2. Electrification – the availability of abundant renewable electricity economically displaces fossil-thermal energy sources and applications and thus changes entire value chains.

  3. Internet of Things (IoT) – handling the complexity of progressing IoT technology penetration decides on future success in digitalization.

  4. Data – managing data-based interconnectedness is key for the exploitation of new business models as well as for process optimization.

  5. Cyber Security – tackling amplifying cyber threats becomes a vital core competence.


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