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Property CPD

The UK property sector incorporates various skills in all aspects of property albeit commercial, industrial, residential and agricultural sectors. The property industry is diverse, employing individuals across a spectacular range of cross-sectors such as facilities management, architecture, surveying, planning, engineering, investment, environment, development & management, as well as lettings and sales. 

According to the IPF Size and Structure of UK Property Market, the value of commercial property has increased from £522bn to £918bn between 2000 and 2020, a growth rate of 2.8% p.a. Over this period, the value of residential property has increased from £2,014bn to £7,234bn, a growth rate of 6.6% p.a.
There are estimated to be 5.41m dwellings in the private rented sector (PRS) in the UK with an estimated value of £1,284bn with London accounting for £522bn (41%) of this. Institutional investment remains a small part of this (c.3.3%) but it is growing rapidly. ‘Institutional’ ownership of PRS is estimated at £43bn at end- 2020.


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