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Security CPD

The Security industry is worth over £7 billion to the British GDP. The industry employs up to 500,000 people and is part of the wider policing family with those employed in the industry playing a vital role both economically and politically. The common perception of security jobs is of security officers, but the range of opportunities offered by the industry is far wider, and includes roles such as:

• Close Protection (bodyguard)

• Security Officer

• CCTV Operator

• Store Detective

• Locksmith

• Installation, project or service engineer

• Installation Supervisor

• Control Room Manager

• Door supervisor

Additonally, roles in security firms can also include finance, Human Resources, Quality Assurance, business development, training and IT. 

A major growth area within the security sector is cybersecurity. The UK government has recognised this and aims to invest to improve the national protection of cybersecurity.

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