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Tourism CPD

The Hospitality and Tourism sector is a key pillar of the UK's broader economic and social success – delivering £66bn Gross Value Added contribution and employing around 3 million people.

According to the ONS:

  • There were 3.0 million visits to the UK by overseas visitors in June 2022; an increase from 2.8 million visits in May 2022.

  • Visits by overseas visitors to the UK in June 2022 are still lower than pre-coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic levels, down 19% from 3.7 million in June 2019.

  • Overseas residents spent £2.7 billion in the UK in June 2022.

  • UK residents made 7.8 million visits overseas in June 2022; up 23% on the previous month.

  • UK residents' visits overseas in June 2022 were lower than in June 2019, when there were 9.1 million visits overseas by UK residents (15% decrease).

  • UK residents spent £6.2 billion while overseas in June 2022.​

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